The year is 1961, a year after the official opening of the Playboy Club. And while Heff's mansion is all fun and games, the people that drop by can be anything but. Controversy and corruption lurk around every corner, fueling the hate, racism, sexism that are all too prevalent in current culture. Welcome to The Playboy Club, where you're just as likely to talk to a lawyer as you are a mobster. Come socialize and enjoy smooth tunes, smoother brew, and scandal that's just waiting to be unmasked.


Brittana, Fabang, St. Berry, Kum, Pugar, Tartie, Seblaine

This roleplay is based off of NBC’s show The Playboy Club. However, it is not necessary for you to have watch the show in order to join this roleplay.

General rules:

1. Age

Please be 17 and older to apply.

2. Be active or be replaced

I know that people have lives outside of roleplay, and that’s fine, but we’d all appreciate it if you could try to remain as active as possible. An unexplained absence for more than three days means that your spot will most likely be reopened.

3. There will be smut, blood, and sex

This is a mature RP, and mature themes such as sexism, racism, violence, and homophobia will be involved. Slurs such as faggot and racial jabs are also going to be a common occurrence, so if you are not willing to see those on the dash, then maybe this roleplay is not for you. 

4. No OOC drama

It’s fine to start fights with another character, but not with the person playing that character. Nobody likes OOC drama, so please try to keep it to a minimum.

5. Avoid bubble roleplaying

There are 1x1s for a reason—please make an effort to interact with more than just your ship partner.

6. Startgames, midgames, and endgames

Jumping straight to endgames is never any fun. As well as making a conscious effort to talk to everyone, please try to stay in your startgames for more than a week. Midgames are also encouraged, and we do have a few planned that we would like to discuss with the players. Please be open to experimentation in between characters and sexualities, despite the fact that your character has a set one.

6. Text Posts

Please reblog all posts as texts, seeing as links tend to make the dash look messy, and or cluttered.

7. Gif Interactions

We are well aware of the fact that the internet was not existent until after 1961, so gif interactions on the dash would be difficult to understand. We’ve come up with the idea that gif interactions are face to face interactions in between characters. So, for example, one can post up a gif of their character waving along with the line “Hey, what can I get you to drink?” and another person will reply with a gif and ask for a glass of scotch.

8. Codeword

If you have read all the rules, then under the anything else category, please post the word monkeyslut. Bonus points if you know where that’s from.

Also, do not forget to read the interactions page, because it is a designated set of plots we feel can make this roleplay really progress. Find the page here

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